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Beauty & Brains

Courtesy of Rose Hill Wellness

Rose Hill Wellness offers a FREE 2-part monthly education workshop focused on whole being health starting specifically with specialized focus on skin care and weaving out into a wide range of topics and scientific studies. Focusing on involving the beauty standards impact on self perception and how this effects individuals and entire societies and most importantly how to shift to a positive, empowered beauty standard evolution.
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Say goodbye to your old self say hello to your whole self!

Workshop 1

Learn about some of the many ways in which skin ages and ways to avoid them as well as combat and prevent skin symptoms at home or in any treatment clinic! Understand the skin health functions and learn why most products and treatment do not work. Most importantly you leave with the knowledge needed to easily identify all of the products and treatments that do work, from those that do not! No more wasted money or time! An in depth journey into all of the new high tech med spa treatments as well as at home treatments & remedies. Great for Women and men of all ages and especially beneficial for teens, people who suffer from poor self image and people that experience breakouts and blemishes, learn everything you need to know to begin stopping the breakout cycle!
Find out which active ingredients target which skin symptoms the most aggressively and start creating results NOW!

Everyone receives a Medical skin scan analysis and will have the knowledge needed for workshop #2 to start diving deep into taking your results and skin changes to a whole new level of self change and become the best version of you, every day!

Workshop 2

Learn how to identify and release any negative effects you experience from impossible beauty standards, great for all ages!

Engage in activities designed to help reveal more about your self perception and learn ways to identify thought patterns and emotions that are not creating the positive influence and experience you want, most importantly learn how to change those patterns!

Expertly breaking down new understandings of brain functions in the world of neuroscience and neuroplasticity as well as recent scientific discoveries of the body and mind connection and how that effects the individual

Change your self perception and strengthen your self confidence to intentionally experience more positivity!

Change your skin
Improve how you see yourself
Transform how you feel about yourself
Empower your life