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All of our treatments are 60 minutes, but we spend the first 10-15 minutes of your very first important really getting to know your skin and it’s needs. We use about 10 minutes before and after treatment to review you health history, skin health information, and to use the skin scanning machine for in depth analysis as well as review important home care information, restricted activities and their time frames, and review skin responses.

You can enjoy our signature hour long B.Y.O.F. (Build Your Own Facial) spa experience, we blend the best of both worlds giving you the Results of a Med spa treatment with a relaxing day spa focus. Our Signature Build Your Own Facial treatments are what we are known for,  creating the perfect treatment specifically for your skin. The ultimate customization with over 2,163 different combinations Rose Hill Wellness & Image Skincare are the ultimate Clinical Couture!

This is a medical style treatment there are some restricted activities. Each treatment has different home care instructions, to get an idea of activities that are restricted before or after some of the treatments be sure to review the contraindications for each treatment description.


We realize that getting out after COVID may be a scary experience for some, and that is why we are offering you our FIRST TIME AGAIN special.Welcoming you back with a bang up price, normally offered for first time guests only.


First Time Again Special

60 Minute Session Signature Facial Treatment Session

PLUS Any Diva or Queen Upgrade FREE of charge!

+O2 Duo Oxygen Infusion

Available to EVERYONE! Come in for the First Time Client Special, Again!
This will be the last time to get services or packages at this rate! Good until September.


New Client Collagen Induction Therapy Session

60 Minute Session

Choose face treatment or body treatment

Treatment creates micro channels in the skin & can go as deep as a laser treatment to drastically increase absorption and rejuvenate the skin!

New Clients 1st & 2nd Appointments



Make sure to review all of the restricted activities for before & after treatment and contraindications <HERE> that might apply to you, to ensure you can receive treatment and to schedule the best day and time for you!