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We have ended our business relationship with Groupon.

1 month into covid-19,  Groupon sent out an email to it’s business partners stating they would no longer pay per purchase, but only when the Groupon is redeemed. The email to everyone gave the choice to opt in, or Groupon would end any and all  campaigns on our site. This means millions of small business lost the income from sales they made through Groupon when they needed most and could not  access the funds from sales they made during Covid-19 until they reopened and provided the service to clients.

Groupon Hurt millions of small businesses, this type of predatory corporate bullying behavior is never acceptable ESPECIALLY during Covid-19. For this reason, we have chosen to no longer partner with them.

Rose Hill Wellness will honor the Groupon discount at check out for when you come in. You will see a refund notice come through if you have not, please cancel your Groupon through the app!