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I brought the topic of facial extractions up at my last meeting with my dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett. Her reply was mind blowing: You should never get extractions. “Extractions are rapidly falling out of favour,” Dr. Kellett says, “It’s a very old way to treat the skin, and there is very little evidence-based medicine to suggest it’s helpful to the skin.”

Dr. Kellett went on to list three reasons why extractions are not good for your skin:

  • Extractions can cause cysts and scars.
  • Extractions can case big pores. Even if it didn’t cause a cyst or a scar, the repeated trauma to the pilosebaceous unit (pores) will actually dilate the size of it.
  • Extractions do more harm than help. Studies have shown that after extractions, the pore will fill up within 36-48. So unless you’re doing extractions every 36-48 hours you’re really not doing anything but if you were getting extractions done that often, pores will get bigger.

Instead of facials with extractions, Dr. Kellett suggests looking to clinical exfoliating treatments such as diamond peels (microdermabrasion), liquid peels (there are several that use acids such as lactic, glycolic azealic acid), and laser peels for both immediate and lasting results. “Those treatments are more concise ways to treat acne-prone and aging skin as they decrease the trauma to the pores.”