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Beauty & Brains

Courtesy of Rose Hill Wellness

Rose Hill Wellness offers a FREE 2-part monthly symposium focused on whole being health starting specifically with specialized focus on skin care and weaving out into a wide range of topics and scientific studies. Focusing on involving the beauty standards impact on self perception and how this effects individuals and entire societies and most importantly how to shift to a positive, empowered beauty standard evolution.

To sign up for these classes, please contact me for details!

Say goodbye to your old self say hello to your whole self!

Workshop 1

Learn the many ways in which the skin ages, ways to combat and prevent aging at home and in clinics. Understanding how the skin health functions work and why some products do work and why most do not, as well as individual machine analysis skin scans. An in depth journey into all of the new high tech med spa treatments as well as at home treatments & remedies. This level of education is normally only offered in aesthetic trade licensing schools, is being offered complementary to the public!

Workshop 2

Learn how to identify and release any negative effects you experience from living in an agist society with a nearly physically impossible beauty standard, for all ages!

Expertly breaking down the physical evolution of the mind and body connection, with pertinent information from recent scientific discoveries and understanding of the brain functions. The evolution of the beauty standard and how this effects the individual, family units and entire societies. Guiding to a connected understanding of all the pieces leads to a much deeper awareness of our perceptions influence on our lives day to day, our whole existence and how that effects our levels of happiness and ability to experience love and joy.

Engage in activities designed to help reveal more about your self perception and learn about important new studies that show us ways to identify thought patterns and feelings that are not creating the positive influence we want and changing those patterns.

Widen your self perception, increase self confidence and self love, strengthen your ability to experience happiness through conscious awareness of thought patterns and intentionally increasing positivity, love and joy through open perception, learning, evolving and sharing integrative practices to heighten your life experience.

When we realize how much our own true happiness lies within ourselves we can see how to effectively influence that all by ourselves; for change from the consciousness of the mind to the physical DNA structures of our being literally from the inside out!