As a member of the community we believe in making our services available to everyone. This means making sure that we always have a feasible price point. We shop our competition regularly to make sure that we offer the best price around. We honestly feel everyone deserves good skin care no matter their income, everyone deserves the chance to learn more (and not just about the skin) that is what empowers us all.
We constantly strive to go above and beyond to offer the absolute best, we make sure to offer way more than the industry standard even in our basic signature treatment. To take healing to an even deeper level than just the skin on the surface, helping us all to perceive and experience more beauty and most importantly more love, joy & happiness in our life journeys.
Our monthly symposium is a reflection of our commitment to the community and to free knowledge. We  adamantly feel that FREE knowledge is one of our strongest allies to advancement, growth and understanding of ourselves, each other and the beautiful cosmic mystery we all live in. It is our humble attempt and greatest desire to positively stimulate the evolution of the individual and our species as a whole.