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xygen Injection

What is oxygen injection and how does it work?

Medical grade pure pulsed-Oxygen is used to administer the CAII (Custom Active Ingredient Infusion) Cosemceutical, Organic or Stem Cell formulations directly into the skin at different depths without using a syringe.
The Oxygen jet and Oxygen puncture technology is based on the latest medical and cosmetic knowledge, specializing in intensive active ingredient exposure and cosmetic care.  Medical experience with no-needle injections show that vaccines, for example, can be shot into the skin by applying a very high degree of air pressure (like an airgun without pellets).  You have probably heard of this medical technology technique being used more commonly with insulin as well. How this no needle injection technique works is that the medicine enters the “shot channel” and travels down into the deeper layers of the skin below the stratum basal and is absorbed by the blood vessels and distributed in the body. In the field of cosmetics, the absorption of substances through blood vessels is not desired. So This resulted in the development and refining of this high-tech method that exceeds the standards of modern intensive cosmetic care.
The Oxygen jet, oxygen puncture allows for precisely shooting our CAII (Custom Active Ingredient Infusion) with medicinal oxygen, into any problem areas of the skin on the body.  The medicines will travel through the natural interstices between the cells of the epidermis (bio-matrix) down to the deeper layers of the skin where it can achieve the desired effect.

Recommend Treatment series
Recommended as an add on to your Facial treatment to help increase the absorption and results from your CAII (custom Active Ingredient Infusion)

Some noticeable changes after 1 Treatment very accumulative based treatment benefits normally everyone will notice some change in skin after 3 treatments
maintenance is recommended 1 time every 3 months to maintain benefit.

broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin
use of antithrombotic medicines
active herpes

ater Jet Peeling

What is water jet peeling and how does it work?

Using an intense jet steam of water and oxygen this treatment deep cleanses, exfoliates hydrates and oxygenates the skin. The water & oxygen jet uses a specially designed handpiece to create a supersonic spray made up of microdroplets and your CAII (Custom Active Ingredient Infusion) solution. The supersonic stream accelerates the droplets velocity to 200 M – second and when applied directly to the skin peels off dead skin cells almost like a mini power wash. Delivering the treatment even deeper into the skin drastically increasing effectiveness, leaving the skin surface smooth and deeply moisturized. Great for acne patients because it helps to kill the bad bacteria in the skin and deeply detoxify the pores!

Symptoms Water Jet Peeling focuses with
Deep pore detoxification
Acne improvement
Improve cellular functions

Recommend Treatment series
Anti aging -3 treatments, 1 treatment every 2-4 weeks for 6-12 weeks until desired result is achieved.
Acne- 3-6 treatments 1 treatment every 2 weeks for 6-18 weeks until desired result is achieved

Very noticeable after 1 Treatment with accumulative benefits
maintenance is recommended 1 time every 3-5 months to maintain benefit.

Water Jet Peeling is not a treatment option for the following conditions:
open wounds
active cold sores
broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin


What is microcurrent therapy & how does it work?

“The natural face lift”

Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that mirrors the body’s own natural electrical currents, triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits, and re-educate the muscles of the face. The microcurrent facelift technique increases the body’s natural production of amino acids and ATP both of which play major role in cell health and functions. As well as accelerating cellular repair the technology simultaneously, repairs collagen in the dermis while gently softening signs of aging in the epidermis.

Clinical information
The university of Washington has performed clinical trials to measure the benefits of the microcurrent facelift procedure research has proven that the procedure can increase the skins: natural production of collagen by 14%
increase a lasting by 48% and
increase blood circulation by 30% these microcurrent facelift
results were cheap in the first 20 days following the treatment
increases ATP production 500% (ATP is the energy produced by cells & used to perform their tasks.)
increases protein synthesis by 70% (Protein is required for most structural repair. See connective tissue.)
increases cellular transport by 40% (allows nutrient chemicals into cells and wastes products to be removed.

Recommend Treatment series
10-15  treatments should be performed twice weekly for the maximum results
maintenance treatments at 3 to 6 week intervals are recommended to retain your results.

Generally everyone will notice a slight difference after 1 Treatment and an accumulative benefit is noticeable after 8-12 treatments

Microcurrent is NOT a Treatment option for the following conditions:
active Cancer
cardiac pacemakers
metal implants
skin irritation
broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin

adio Frequency (“RF”)

What is Radio Frequency & how does it Work?

The radio frequency treatment works by administering low amplitude (low power) high frequency (in the RF range) currents onto the area of skin treated via a probe electrode. We use 2 types of electrodes either may be used, bi polar and Hexpolar.

With monopolar the RF energy is transmitted onto the skin using a single electrode with a separate opposing elctrode.
Bipolar RF skin treatments are administered via a probe containing the two opposing electrodes Bipolar treatments heat skin tissue 2-4mm deep.

RF sends a Microcurrent of radio waves deep into the dermis and cutaneous layers of the skin. The therapy is designed to promote skin health and support the skin’s natural regenerative processes in the production of collagen. These radio waves deliver heat energy to the muscles and tissues beneath. This heat stimulates collagen production, and that in turn triggers tissue contraction.
The overall result is tighter brighter skin and a significant reduction in sags and wrinkles. Results are immediately noticeable, and they become even more so in the weeks following the treatment as the build-up of collagen effects further skin contraction and wrinkle reduction. The treatment is non-invasive and requires NO downtime!

Symptoms RF works with
Pure RF energy is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid 30s to 50s. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, and neck areas

A link to clinical studies and trials with RF anti aging effects

Read more about clinical studies and trials with RF anti aging effects here at the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health

Recommended Treatment series
6-10 treatments in 6-8 weeks

Noticeable after 1 Treatment, accumulative benefits after 6.


Radio frequency is NOT a treatment option for the following conditions:
pregnancy and breastfeeding
acute bacterial and viral inflammations
sensory disturbances
metal implants in the area of the procedure
prone to bleedings from the gastrointestinal tract

ollagen Induction Therapy (“CIT”)

What is Collagen Induction Therapy & how does it Work?

CIT uses tiny and shallow needles that penetrate into your skin .05mm -2.5mm and will form micro channels which in turn will stimulate the fibroblast cells to produce more collagen. This will improve your skin tone, elasticity as well as tightening the skin, perfect for sensitive areas like upper and lower eyes, nose and lips.
Each treatment uses a disposable cartridge that has multiple needles, with proprietary technology, penetrating vertically generating small micro skin channels, while stimulating the natural production of collagen.
Your skin normally assumes that scars, stretch marks and wrinkles are not in need of repair, but with the CIT we stimulate the skin to repair itself. The process of micro needling skin remodeling can go on for months after each treatment.
Results can be seen within a week or even a few days. Your skin naturally heals itself every 45 days, so with a little microneedling  stimulation changes can be dramatic and fast.

Symptoms it focuses with
Anti aging effect
rejuvenation, reduction of small wrinkles
improvement of loose skin (face, neck, cleavage, hands)
improvement of brightness, healthy skin or “glow” look
biorevitalisation, triggers healing process of skin to lessen keloid and scar tissues
Strengthens skin barrier and stimulates cellular functions
repair acne scars
treatment and prevention of hair loss
reduction of cellulite and fat tissue (stomach, buttocks, thighs)
reduction of stretch marks

Read more about clinical studies and trials for micro needling (Dermapen) effects here at the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health

Very noticeable after 1 Treatment, accumulative benefits after 3-6 treatments

Recommended Treatment series
initial phase – 1 procedure every 2 weeks, for 6 weeks
middle phase – 1 procedure a month for 2 months,
maintenance phase – 1 procedure every 6-12 months,

Contraindications before and after CIT treatments
Do not take aspirin or any other medicines that lower blood clotting for one week before the procedure.
If you are prone to broken capillaries, use creams with vitamin K, C or arnica every day for 7 days before and after your treatment You can take Rutinoscorbin 3 times a day for two weeks.

CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is NOT a treatment option for the following conditions:
skin inflammations
advanced diabetes
autoimmune diseases
over sensitivity to the procedure’s active ingredients
broken blood vessels on the surface of the skin

ight Emitting Diode(“LED”)

What is Light Emitting Diode & how does it Work?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a computer chip encased in a glass-like resin, which emits therapeutic wavelengths (or colours) of light energy
The cells in the dermis layer of skin will convert that light energy into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the fuel that the cell uses to do its job. The fibroblast cells in the dermis layer have the job of producing collagen (which give the skin fullness or that plumped look) and elastin (which give the skin the ability to bounce back). Thus, LED gives the cells a ‘full tank of fuel’ and these fibroblast cells start to produce collagen and elastin like when one was 25-30 years old.

What result does LED CREATE?

The result is the complexion is lightly plumped up with new collagen which pushes the folds of the fine lines out and new elastin which helps to lightly tighten the skin and shrink pores.
LED is the only aesthetic device that has no contra-indications of any kind.
BETTER YET It is safe for the eyes so it is great for targeting areas that are hard to hit with Botox and injectables, bringing out the plumpness and reducing the appearance of crow’s feet and other wrinkles.

Clinical Information
Dr. R. Glen Calderhead, one of the world’s leading experts in phototherapy and photosurgery. In a recently published study, stated that “low-level light therapy (LLLT) with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is emerging from the mists of black magic as a solid medico-scientific modality, with a substantial buildup of corroborative bodies of evidence for its efficacy and elucidation of the modes of action. Reports are appearing from many different specialties; however, of particular interest to plastic surgeons treating the aging face is the proven action of LED-LLLT on skin cells in both the epidermis and dermis and enhanced blood flow. Thus, LED-LLLT is a safe and effective stand-alone therapy for patients.”

Recommend Treatment series
Typically, you’ll need at least four treatments before you start noticing results. In order to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, improve its texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, a few weeks will be required. In-salon treatments are recommended two to three times a week for a course of four to six weeks. Ideal for pre-wedding prep or before a big event, The good news? The benefits are cumulative, and one treatment per year is normally sufficient to maintain the results afterwards.
(If you’ve lost weight recently, or have a poor diet, consume alcohol or you’ve spent too much time in the sun, etc., then it can take longer to see the start of results, but with continued use everyone can benefit from LED light therapy.

Some patients may notice a slight difference after 1 Treatment and an accumulative benefit is noticeable after 12-24 treatments

ltrasonic Therapy

What is Ultrasonic Therapy & how does it Work?

Ultrasonic therapy  beneficially affects the skin tissues, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, ultrasound micro-massage on cellular level, the ultrasonic stimulation that activates the course of metabolic processes as well as increasing blood and lymph circulation, relieve muscle spasms, reduces swelling, improves the penetration of cosmetic products in the active layer of the skin that significantly strengthens the effects of your CAII (Custom Active Ingredient Infusion)

Read more about clinical studies and trials for ultrasonic therapy and it’s anti-agining effects here at the US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health


Ultrasonic Therapy is NOT an option for people with the following conditions:
broken blood vessels
skin diseases
neuralgia eye and trigeminal nerves
acute infectious diseases
dilated capillaries
tumors and postoperative period
recent med spa, peels, waxing and other skin treatments

Recommended as an add on to your Facial treatment to help increase the absorption and results from your CAII (custom Active Ingredient Infusion