Everyone’s skin is different so we can see why cookie cutter facials, like places that only offer a few different types of treatments are just not effective. We use 2,163 different active ingredient combinations and treatments to address everyone’s unique skin needs!

Before your session you advanced aesthetician will formulate a CUSTOM ACTIVE INGREDIENT INFUSION designed to target your desired skin goals, as well as using the cutting edge skin scanner to identify the skin health symptoms. By targeting not just the symptoms we want to improve (I.e. Surface symptoms) but also the identified skin health needs we can create more changes in 1 treatment. We target the surface symptoms and skin health needs with our CAII (Custom Active Ingredient Infusion) that treats the live tissue. Our CAII’s are active ingredients at different percentages blended into an absorption serum to target specific skin symptoms such as; wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, pores, redness or breakouts. This is how we are able to create a full spectrum treatment that changes skin in just 1 session!

In the spa world generally the day spa takes care of all the beautiful Relaxation and pampering but they usually don’t do to much to change the skin or create results; it’s purely the therapeutic enjoyment of ritualistic product layering that is the day spa specialty. Then we have the med spas and they specialize in aggressive treatments creating real visible changes and results in the skin but they don’t really do any of the relaxation. We take the best of both worlds and put it into one treatment to create the ultimate spa experience.

We use individual active ingredients in all of our treatments which allows us to offer over 2,163 different combination, the CLINICAL COUTURE your skin has been looking for!

Offering the best cutting edge alternatives to create instant results in just one treatment guaranteed!

Come see and feel the Rose Hill Wellness difference today!