Follow our Step-by-Step Plan for maximum Results & Relaxation!

Signature Facial

6o minutes, just $49!

Whether you are just looking to relax, or focus on specific areas of concern, Rose Hill’s rejuvenating facials will take you to a state of pure tranquility while transforming your skin. Before beginning your session, we will discuss your specific skin care concerns, as well as analyzing skin health needs with the machine skin scanner to create the perfect Custom Active Ingredient Infusion (CAII) to take care of all your unique skin needs, lifting you and your skin to a whole new level!

All of our Signature Facial Treatment Sessions include:

  • Skin Mapping & Analysis
  • Steaming & Cleansing
  • Extractions*
  • Active Ingredient Exposure*
  • Active Masque Treatment
  • Massage of Arms, Hands, Neck & Decollete
  • Moisture & Protect
  • Eye Treatment
  • Lip Treatment


“Great facial experience. My face feels smoother and brighter. Jennifer is very sweet, she makes sure you are comfortable and relaxed every minute of the whole session. She is very knowledgeable about every skin complaint I had. Highly recommend this place.”-Sumana V.


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Add on any of our Enhancement Upgrades from Step 2, 3 or 4 for even more results!


Restoring Hair Treatment

Normal PriceMembership Price
Deeply repairing and smoothing masque, warmed and massaged into the hair and scalp for luxuriously soft hair.$10$5

Mineral Scrub

Normal PriceMembership Price
Hands or Feet$10$5

Healing Foot Soak

Normal PriceMembership Price
A fresh blend of mixed botanicals soaking with dead sea & Himalayan salts to refresh and renew from the feet up$16$8


Masques add that little extra something to take your treatments to the next level!


Normal PriceMembership Price
French Green Clay$10$5
Bio-Collagen Infusion Masques:Normal PriceMembership Price
Red Wine (Moisturizing)$10$5
Collagen (Tightening)$30$15

Lifting Peels Level 1 (Light)

Normal PriceMembership Price
Ormedic Lift:
20% Antioxidant & Fruit Enzymes. Moisturizes & exfoliates.
Signature Lift:
30% Glycolic & Lactic. Smoothing & Restoring creating a glow!
Wrinkle Lift:
40% Glycolic & Retinol. Softens & lifts lines.
Signature Detox Lift :
30% Anti-oxidant & Active Enzyme Blend. Calms & smoothes while reducing break-outs .

Lifting Peels Level 2 (Medium)

Normal PriceMembership Price
Wrinkle MAX Lift:
45% Glycolic & Retinol for even more Wrinkle focus!
Lightening Lift:
50% blend of Lactic & Kojic to target pigmentation and lighten the skin!
Lightening MAX Lift:
55% Lactic & Kojic for even more lightening focus!

Lifting Peels Level 3 (Deep)

Normal PriceMembership Price
Perfecting Lift:
5% Lactic, Salicylic and Resorcinol: Targets all aspects of aging, resurfaces & perfects.
Perfecting MAX:
7% Lactic, Salicylic and Resorcinol.Our strongest anti-aging formula!
Detox MAX:
20% Salicylic, stopping break-outs, correcting pigmentation & lifting scars.

Neck, Decollete & Hands

Normal PriceMembership Price
Full facial treatment for neck, decollete & hands$30$15


CAII- custom active ingredient infusion

Custom Active Ingredient Infusions are specifically formulated for your skins needs from over 2,163 unique combinations in each and every treatment, creating the ultimate clinical couture to individualize your treatment and enhance your results!

Each of the following treatments are always combined with a custom active ingredient infusion to address your specific skin care concerns in each and every session to increase your results!

Med Upgrades

Normal PriceMembership Price
Real diamond tips exfoliate the skin and smooth away imperfections.
Light Therapy:
Emits therapeutic wavelengths of light energy to refuel cells.
Low level currents that mimic the bodies natural current to stimulate cellular function!
Ultrasonic Therapy:
Ultrasonic frequencies drive products into a deeper layer of the skin increasing absorption.

Advanced Med Upgrades

Normal PriceMembership Price
O2 Duo:
The 02 duo treatment is 2 oxygen treatments in one! We combine the Oxygen Jet Peel with Oxygen Injection, to create one of the most powerful oxygen treatments to rejuvenate the skin!
Aqua Microdermabrasion:
Real diamond tips use a powerful water vacuum with your CAII to create a vortex that deeply cleanses each and every pore while exfoliating the surface and infusing your treatment all in 1 step!
A powerful vacuum with water (and your CAII) create a vortex to deeply cleanse each and every pore of the skin, for an intense pore detox.
Aqua jet peel: (Coming summer 2018!)
3 pressurized water jets create a nanometer spray with your CAII for advanced pore detoxification and absorption!

Max Med Upgrades

Normal PriceMembership Price
Collagen Induction Therapy (face):
Creates micro channels in the skin & can go as deep as a laser treatment to drastically increase absorption and rejuvenating the skin!
Collagen Induction Therapy (body): Available for Underarms, knees, neck & decollete. Note each area is a separate chargeText for quote
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