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We use a variety of high-tech medical devices and techniques to aggressively treat the skin and create visible results without using invasive techniques that cause extensive healing or downtime like injections or cosmetic surgery. Our specialty as a hybrid spa is the perfect blend of Results & Relaxation, we take the best of both worlds and create one beautiful treatment that includes all the wonderful relaxation of a day spa with the powerful results of med spa treatment in just one session!

Rose Hill Wellness & Image skincare are the essence of Med Spa “Clinical Couture” we make sure to address not only the surface symptoms but all of the individual skin health needs and goals to achieve your maximum skin wellness potential!

Our secret to actually creating changes in the skin with just 1 treatment is using a top of the line medical skin scanner to identify the underlining skin health needs and treating those symptoms with our Custom Active Ingredient Infusions (CAII). Over 2,163 ingredient combinations allows us to focus on both the desired symptoms you want to improve, as well as the needed skin health symptoms in one treatment. Creating one of the most in depth, results driven completely customized skin treatments you will ever experience!



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See the truth PAST your skin

We use the newest technology in skin mapping and analysis, our top of the line ‘Mirror’ skin scanning machine uses an 18mp Cannon camera and multiple light wave lengths to reveal the deeper layers of the skin. We look past the surface to see the truth or reality of what is happening with the deeper skin tissues.

Measure the exact percentage of skin symptoms present for:

Pore Oxidation
Moisture in cells

It also shows us the active oil production, old oil, as well as open & closed comedone’s so it shows the exact detail of the skins overall health inside and out. When we wait in till we see the symptoms appear on the surface, it’s to late and we have to work alot harder to reverse it! When we work with the symptoms that we see on the surface as well as the skin health focuses needed; we create a more preventative focus that will lessen the severity of symptoms and even stop them from ever coming to the surface!

That’s how we change the skin one just one treatment, guaranteed!

All of our customers receive a FREE professional skin scan.

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We are excited to announce that we are now offering Hydrodermabrasion, AquaMicrodermabrasion, Oxygen Jet Peels, Microcurrent, LED, and Oxygen Injection!

Yes, that is right, as early as July 12th you will be able to experience one of Rose Hill Wellness’ new Medical Spa Offerings, Collagen Induction Therapy or “CIT” Learn more about this incredible new treatment that produces aggressive results for wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, stretch marks & scars in this 2:20 video! What is…

Med Upgrades are here NOW!

Collagen Induction Therapy, Hydrodermabrasion, Oxygen Jet Peels, AquaMicrodermabrasion, Microcurrent, Oxygen Injection, LED, ultrasonic, Aqua Jet Peels & more!!